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About Sun Laboratories
Historical record
Words from our Chairman

Sun Laboratories Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan based pharmaceutical manufacturing company approved with cGMP status. Our motto over the past half-century is to be a company you can trust with our quality and our commitment to integrity.

In 1954 our founder Mr.Tien Fu Hsu, started this company with the desire to import newer, safer, and better medical technology to Taiwan. He started with our first product KAOL. a mouth freshener, which uses only the best organic ingredients. Then with Norshin powder, an acetaminophen based analgesic, which unlike Aspirin is gentler to the stomach especially for those with stomach troubles. He subsequently brought over Smoca tooth powder, a tooth cleanser, which uses its natural ingredients to create a truly refreshing way to brush your teeth.

Our products are well established throughout Taiwan. We take pride in our quality control and care for our environment as well. Our production process is completely non-toxic. In 2001 under new governmental standards we acquired cGMP first stage status as 1 of 500 out of 2000 pharmaceutical companies in Taiwan. Furthermore in 2005 we received official cGMP status as 1 out of 100 out of 2000 pharmaceutical companies in Taiwan, cGMP has a 5% approval rate. The process was demanding and complicated, but we persevered, set our standards high, and achieved our goals. Now in order to compete with International market standards of quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA), we are striving to attain PIC/S qualification (Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention and Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Scheme).

Our new chairwoman continues in the same endeavor, “To make our medicine Safe and our Quality outstanding.”

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