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About Sun Laboratories
Historical record
Words from our Chairman

Sun Laboratories, CO., Ltd. would like to thank all of our customers for the support they have given to us throughout the years. Our founder always said, “We are in the business of “trust” how can we expect our customers to believe in us, if we cannot believe in our own products. How can we provide them with the best service?”

We at Sun Laboratories have continued to follow the values of Quality, Integrity, & Trust that our founder set forth. Quality is our commitment and motto in providing our customers with the best products made from the best ingredients available. Integrity is our solid reputation for the last 55 years and we aim to be here at least another 50 years. Trust is something we must earn and cherish from our customers.

Sun Laboratories was established in Taiwan, therefore our roots are here, our customers are here, and our heart is here. We take pride in making the best products here in Taiwan so our commitment to quality, integrity & trust remains ever diligent.

Sun Laboratories is a family business. A legacy of strong moral values, hard work, and dedication has persevered from our founder to our current chairwoman. We intend to continue in the footsteps of our founder and provide our customers with the Quality, Integrity & Trust they deserve.

We at Sun Laboratories know you our customer is our company’s most prized asset. Understanding this we have made Quality our Motto, Integrity our Life, and Trust our Goal. We would like to thank you for your support and wish you all good health.

From the Family at Sun Laboratories
M. Hsu


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