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Sun Cold-Med-N Granule
SMOCA Super Deluxe
NORSHIN POWDER (Health bureau drugs manufacture serial No. 28118)

Sun Laboratories Co., Ltd. cooperated with Japan’s ARAX CO., Ltd. in technical collaboration, produced and sold in Taiwan. This product is popular and habitually used by Japanese family over 150 years.

We use a unique powder technology which can be quickly absorbed, and relieve pain. Bringing down a fever is also quickly effective.

INGREDIENTS One pack (690mg) contains
Caffeine Anhydrous
(1) For relieving headache, toothache, menstrual pain, neuralgia, arthritic pain, lumbar pain, pain from stiff shoulders, sore throat, earache, pain after tooth extraction, muscular ache, and pains associated with contusion, sprain, bone fracture and external wound.
(2) For reducing chill and fever.

For Adults (12 years and over)
Take one pack every 4 hours or more preferably when not hungry.
Do not exceed 4 packs a day.


1. The following persons should not use the medicine;Those who
(1) have ever suffered from hypersensitivity (rash, redness, itching or edema (larynx, eyelid, labium etc.)).
(2) have ever suffered from asthma by taking the medicine, other antipyretic analgesics or cold remedies.

2. The following persons should consult a physician, a dentist or a pharmacist before taking the medicine;
Those who

(1) or whose parents or siblings are predisposed to nettle rash, skin rash, bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis and food allergy.
(2) have ever suffered from the symptoms of drug allergy (fever, rash, joint pain, asthma or itching).
(3) are pregnant or could be pregnant.
(4) are aged and with weak constitution.
(5) are under treatment by a physician or a dentist.

3. Observe the following directions and cautions when taking the medicine;
(1) Strictly follow the labeled directions and doses because powerful ingredients are combined.
(2) The medicine should not be taken together with any one or more of the following medicines.
Other antipyretic analgesics, cold remedies or sedatives.
(3) The medicine should not be given to children under 12 years old.

4. During or after use of the medicine, watch carefully the following condition;
(1) When symptoms such as rash or redness, nausea or vomiting, anorexia or dizziness appear, discontinue the medication and consult a physician, a dentist or a pharmacist.
(2) If symptoms have not improved even after medication of several times, discontinue the medication and consult a physician, a dentist or a pharmacist.
(3) Avoid continuous use for a long period.
(4) It has been reported that following symptoms may rarely occur. If such symptoms occur, discontinue the medication and consult a physician, a dentist or a pharmacist:
‧ Symptoms such as pale face, chilliness of hand and foot, a cold sweat or chokes, accompanied by nettle rash, edema (larynx, eyelid, labium etc.) or tightness in the chest immediately after taking the medicine.
‧When severe symptoms such as rash, redness or blisters like scald appear, on the skin of whole body and the mucous membrane of mouth and eyes, accompanied by a high fever.
‧When asthma appears.

5. Caution in handling;
(1) Keep the medicine out of the reach of children.
(2) Avoid sunlight. Store in a cool and dry place.
(3) Do not transfer the medicine to any other container for avoiding misuse.
(4) Do not leave the medicine for a long time after breaking the seal.
(5) Use within the period of expiration date indicated on the outer package.

  12 ~ 1000 packages of paper bags and the aluminum foil bag lip glosses (wrap 630mg every package).

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